Ainsley Palairet

Fix HR
Having met with over 3000 business owners since moving back to New Zealand 10 years ago, I am convinced and committed to the following three things:
HR is an area best outsourced for most organisations in NZ.

Preventing HR problems is one of the most worthwhile endeavours a business can invest in.
I can create an HR outsource that is thorough, refreshingly personal and useful, for a price any viable business/organisation can afford.

It is my delight to provide such a service!

Outside FixHR I am an active church member at The Upper Room in Newmarket, and I am mum to three adults (including one lovely son-in-law). My cherished husband knows I’m almost always up for sharing a meal and/or a movie with friends and family, and I have become the person who doesn’t miss an episode of certain entertaining Australian reality TV shows.

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