How does it feel to be an infant
 in your care?

18 May, 2021

Written by Angela Bush

Bachelor of Education (ECE), Diploma of Nursing, Diploma of Teaching (ECE)

We all know from the years of research on brain development that the quality of care our infants receive in the first 1000 days of their life is crucial to their current and long term well-being. Our infants are the most vulnerable group of children as they are not yet able to verbalise what is happening for them.

Magda Gerber developed this set of reflective questions for both parents and teachers to help us evaluate if our infant spaces are providing the best possible conditions for our most vulnerable people. We encourage your infant and toddler team to use these reflective questions to help evaluate how well you are catering for the needs of infants and toddlers in your space.

Download a copy of these reflective questions for your team here.

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