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Beyond ABCs: Why self-regulation is key in early years education
Duration: Approx. 60 min
In this enlightening session, we have explored why self-regulation is a cornerstone of our curriculum, surpassing traditional behavior management approaches.

Join Kelly Sheils who explores;
  • The vital role of self-regulation: Gain insights into why fostering self-regulation skills is crucial for the holistic development of children in their formative years.
  • How to distinguish behavior management from self-regulation: Develop a nuanced understanding of the distinction between behavior management techniques and the cultivation of self-regulation abilities.
  • How to empower children through supportive practices: Discover practical strategies and approaches to support children in developing self-regulation skills, nurturing their capacity for emotional regulation and impulse control.
  • The power of co-regulation: Learn about the profound impact of co-regulation on children's self-regulatory abilities and explore techniques for effectively implementing co-regulation strategies in educational settings.

Join us as we embark on a journey to unlock the full potential of early years education by placing self-regulation at its core. Let's empower our young learners to navigate the complexities of their emotions, behaviors, and learning experiences with confidence and resilience.
Presented by Kelly Sheils
MBK Group
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Learn more with Kelly Sheils

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About the Webinar Presenter

Kelly Sheils

Kelly has worked in the early years for over 25 years, she started by training for her NNEB in 1996 and then progressed to a foundation degree leading to a BA (Hons) in Early education studies. Kelly also trained to be an NVQ assessor in her early career.

Kelly has been a level 3 Forest School practitioner since 2010 and has a passion for outdoor learning coupled with a keen interest in all things’ wellbeing and more recently trained as a mental health first aider and relax kids coach. Kelly also co-authored a book that is available on Amazon "101 Mindful Activities for Happy Minds."

In her career, Kelly has worked as a practitioner with all age groups including out-of-school provision, and for 20 years worked as a manager and regional manager in Early years settings all over the midlands gaining invaluable experience in high-quality and outstanding childcare.
In 2019 Kelly decided to take the leap and train as a level 3 adult trainer to share her experience and become a consultant and trainer, just in time for a global pandemic! Over the next couple of years, Kelly returned to being a regional manager but still worked part-time as a consultant and trainer. She also kept herself busy being part of the professional team rewriting the "Birth to 5 matters" during lockdown reviewing the wider context with a team of professionals and is very proud to have her name on the document’s back pages.

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