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6-007 Podcast 
Making Sustainability In ECE Exciting 
Date: 13th May 2021
Duration: Approx. 39 min
This podcast interview with Bronwyn Cron will get you fired up about developing your sustainability practices in your ECE services. Brownwyn Cron from Real World Learning, environmental scientist, educator, amazingly inspiring speaker, talked to me about her journey into the world of Sustainability education and how we can do so much more in our ECE services. I really enjoyed listening to Bron and learned a lot, and I am sure you will too.
Who Is Bronwyn Cron And Real World Learning?
Real World Learning was established in 2016, and since that time has built a reputation for providing high quality professional learning opportunities for early years educators, with a focus on STEM and Sustainability. Offering a range of professional learning opportunities, both online and face to face, Bronwyn believes in learning through doing. She encourages experimentation, collaboration, creativity and critical reflection. Bronwyn provides opportunities for you to develop your skills and build confidence to engage children in STEM and Sustainability experiences in your service through her online programmes and resources.
Brownwyn has a really great blog that I highly recommend which can you find on her website. And she also has a really active group of enthusiastic ECE professionals on Face Book. 

In this interview Bronwyn talks about:

  • How we can take a whole service approach to sustainability in ECE.
  • Engaging our families in this important work.
  • How we can engage young children in developing new “normals” in terms of sustainable habits.
  • The important place of ECE services in making an impact in their local community.
  • The importance of change management and leadership skills in creating team commitment to sustainable practices.
  • Three top things we can all do today to increase our sustainable practice in ECE.
  • She makes some really awesome suggestions for taking action and getting some small wins quickly with your team.

Presented by Angela Bush, joined by Bronwyn Cron

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