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Supporting the development of creativity through play with CID

Every child is unique, each one different with the potential to be nurtured, cared for, to be supported and championed. It is vital then that we tune in to children and create a loving, exciting environment in which they thrive.

This webinar will explore rich, irresistible spaces and places with ideas for Provocations, invitations, and catalysts for play. When a child is Curious they look to Investigate. Through their investigation they make Discoveries, leading themselves to learn.

Using our CID (Creativity, investigation & discovery) method, we will explore the notion of ‘inspiration’ or ‘getting an idea’, and how to develop a child-centred pedagogy. Through sharing time with engaging, nurturing adults we hope to lead every child to think creatively and critically about their engagement and involvement in play.

Through our reflection, we will lay the building blocks of Awe and Wonder using our Six Golden Threads of Curiosity, Connection, Communication, Creativity, Critical Thinking, and Child Wellbeing. This webinar will blend theory, thinking, and practical ideas around our children being active in mind, body, and heart.
Presented by Alice Sharp
Adventures with Alice
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About the Webinar Presenter

Alice Sharp

Alice is an inspiring and motivational presenter for early years training and continuous professional development. As a teacher, creator, author, mum and imagineer Alice is both nationally and internationally renowned as an expert in leading learning in early childhood.

The child is at the heart of everything Alice does. She delivers high quality training that is transformational in upskilling staff in the understanding and knowledge of child development and learning. Alice’s aim is to change the lives of every child by presenting quality experiences in education that are innovative and thought provoking for any professional working with young children. 

A quote from Alice. “Doctors might save lives, scientists might change 
the world, architects might design the space we live, and artists might make it beautiful; but it all begins with a small child being encouraged by YOU to be curious, investigate and discover the world around them. Early Years Educators change the world, one step at a time”

Adventures with Alice

Check out "Adventures with Alice" for more amazing content right HERE.

"Make the mundane magical and every moment will matter!"

Adventures with Alice is a digital training programme for anyone involved in the learning and development of children. It's a programme designed to reignite your passion for play, promote the best possible practice and inspire ideas that will enable every child to grow and learn, laying the foundations for their future. Each adventure in the programme merges theory, cutting edge thinking and translates it into active play and learning.

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