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2-035 Course
Understanding and supporting quality sleep in ECE
learning time
This self-paced course is approximately 3 hours of learning time.
who is this for?
This course is for early childhood educators and teams wanting to support quality sleep for infants and toddlers in group care.
skill level
Suitable for beginner to experienced ECE teachers and leaders.
Duration: Approx. 3 hours
'Sleep' drives many family conversations, aspirations, and sometimes concerns. A good sleep positively impacts our children's day, their emotional regulation, and learning outcomes. In early childhood group care, children's sleep can be significantly impacted as they adjust to a new environment, routines, noise and many other extenuating factors. This workshop dives into how we can support quality sleep for our infants and toddlers in ECE environments and includes;

  • Safe sleep
  • Conducive sleep environments
  • Cultural considerations in sleep habits and routines
  • Bridging the gap between home and early childhood service
  • Understanding the science of sleep
  • Creating a positive relationship to sleep
  • Unpacking your own values and how these impact children's sleep in ECE
  • Sleep routines, rituals and managing groups of children at sleep time.

Facilitated by Lucia Sandford
Child Sleep Consultant
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1-103 Supporting Quality Sleep in ECE Services 
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About the Course Creator

Lucia Sandford

Lucia is a qualified Early Childhood and Primary teacher, as well as a qualified Child Sleep Consultant. Her experience as leader of an ECE infant room inspired her to establish professional development for teachers in the field of sleep, care, and wellbeing.
Lucia is collaborating with other professional development providers to extend educators' thinking around the importance of sleep and how to optimise sleep quality for children. Lucia is passionate about bridging the gap between home and Centre, and promoting child safety and wellbeing.
Lucia practices as a sleep consultant for parents and offers services to Early Learning Centres nationwide through her company Sleep Education.

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