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In this learning library we explore the importance of early childhood environments. As we have learned in recent times from Loris Malaguzzi "There are three teachers of children: adults, other children and their physical environment."

We are also increasingly building our understanding as educators about the significance of the emotional environment for children in group care as we come to learn more about neuroscience research and the impact of relationships on children's early brain development.

Dr Sandra Duncan (Ed.D) identifies that "children become inspired and intrigued when the environment is aesthetically beautiful and responsive to their inquiries. The early childhood classroom has been referred to as the “third teacher” because when properly designed, children can learn by interacting within the environment and its elements."

Our early childhood environments play an important role in children's learning, development and emotional wellbeing.
How do we therefore create an environment that both nurtures and stimulates children?
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Inspiring environments for young children.
With Dr Sandra Duncan (Ed.D)

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We recommend these social media groups and blogs to keep your learning growing...

Blog: The role of the educator in creating engaging learning environments

Over the last 30 years in early childhood education, we have seen a significant shift in how we value and present our environments for children. When I first started teaching early childhood education, it was common to see sleep rooms decorated with Disney characters, walls painted in bright eye-watering colours, and plastic resources galore. And thank goodness for the shift!
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Blog: Engaging children with nature vs environmental sustainability

Collecting natural resources for our early childhood environments is a wonderful way to engage children in the natural world, but are we pausing to ensure it’s a sustainable practice? In what ways can we, as teachers, balance the needs of the children and nature in early years learning?
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Facebook Group: Early Childhood for Sustainability

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This group has been created as a virtual peer support network for educators wanting to engage children in Education for Sustainability (EfS), build their own knowledge and capacity around EfS and embed sustainability into their daily practice, curriculum and environments.
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Facebook Group: The Curiosity Approach

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If you are looking for inspiration for your early childhood environment, look no further! The Curiosity Approach FaceBook group is full of beautiful inspiring images and ideas to fill your head.
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