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We are on a mission at ECE Learning Unlimited to help early childhood educators and leaders be the best. We have lifted the load for busy early childhood educators, by doing the research for you and curating a collection of resources on a range of common ECE topics into one place - The ECELU Learning Library.

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Let's learn about Leadership in
Early Childhood Education

In this learning library we provide a range of learning resources to help build your practice as a leader in early childhood education. Many of us will take leadership roles in various guises. This may be as a manager, a curriculum leader, team leader, pedagogical leader or project leader.

No matter our title, we are all leaders in some form as early childhood educators. But effective leadership requires continuous learning and refining of knowledge and skills. We have curated this collection of resources to support your growth as a leader at any stage of the leadership journey.

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Resources for Leaders

Grow your basket of knowledge about Leadership with these helpful resources, recorded webinars and courses

Why good leaders make you feel safe: Simon Sinek

This may be an oldie but it's still a goodie for anyone working on developing their leadership.

Still looking for more on Leadership?

Our thought leader Barbara Watson (PhD) recommends these books to keep your leadership learning growing...
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Leadership in Early Childhood

By Jillian Rodd
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Coaching Leadership

By Jan Robertson
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By David Rock
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By Diana Jones
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