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Understanding children's behaviour

One of the biggest challenges for many early years educators is knowing how to respond to children's behaviours.
As much as we love young children, sometimes their behaviour can concern us. Knowing how to recognise and respond to children's cues is a vital part of being a responsive educator. 
Having strategies that empower both the child and the educator is key to supporting children in evolving
into socially competent humans.

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Watch to learn about the educator's role in guiding children's behaviour

With Childcare Experts
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Strategies for supporting the development of self discipline in children

With Dr Louise Porter

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We recommend these social media groups , websites and blogs to keep your learning growing...

Ngā Kōwae 
Learning Modules

These learning modules created by the NZ Ministry of Education are for educators to complete at their own pace and focus on practices that support the development of children's social competence.
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He Māpuna
Te Tamaiti

He Māpuna te Tamaiti is a resource designed for educators in early learning settings. It promotes proactive, intentional approaches to supporting the development of children's social and emotional competence. 
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Promoting children's social and emotional health

This blog provided by the NAEYC digs into why it is important to support children's social and emotional wellbeing and provides suggestions for how we can do this in early childhood settings.
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Useful information for parents

So often as educators we are faced with concerns from parents about their child's behaviour. This website is full of incredibly useful videos and readings for parents that you can share from expert Maggie Dent.
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