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We get it. All parents want their best for their children, but having children does not come with a manual. There can be so much information and advice thrown at you as a parent of young children that it can be overwhelming.

The team at ECE Learning Unlimited are experts in early childhood education. We have been supporting educators to be their best for young children for a long time, so now it's time to share that knowledge and expertise with parents too.

We have lifted the load for busy parents, by doing the research for you and curating a collection of resources on a range of common parenting topics into one place - The ECELU Parent Library. We welcome you to use our growing parent library to support you in your own mission of growing great humans.

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Embracing Risk: The Power of Risky and Rough and Tumble Play for Children

An important part of a parent’s role is to protect their children from harm. None of us want children to get hurt but the difficulty is that we risk creating a ‘cotton-wool’ generation if we are too over-protective. If children don’t learn how to assess and manage risk in childhood, there is a greater likelihood that they will engage in unsafe behaviours later in their lives.

This webinar has outlined the value of ‘risky’ and rough and tumble play and has shared how parents can support their children to learn important self-management skills in safe and supported ways. 

Presented by Barbara Watson (PhD)
PhD; MEdAdmin; BEd (ECE); Dip.Tchg (Primary)

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Janet Lansbury

Janet Lansbury is our absolute "Go to" for really great parenting guidance that we highly recommend. Janet has books, blogs and podcasts covering everything useful for parents from biting, to tantrums to toilet learning. 
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The Wonder Weeks

The Wonder Weeks gives you really useful guidelines about the usual patterns or "leaps" that your child will likely move through in their early years. Super helpful for understanding why your baby suddenly enters a period in which he cries more and is not himself.
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The In Tune Parent

This one has been recommended by our platform manager and mum to three children Sara. This site is full of options for stressed parents looking for solutions from online courses to 1:1 sessions for parents with sensory processing difference. It's worth exploring.
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A daycare platform with the purpose of helping whānau find the perfect early learning service for their little ones.