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Pete Moorhouse is passionate about encouraging creative thinking in Early Years Education. He has over 25 years experience working with schools and works regularly in Early Years settings as an artist educator.

As an artist Pete is an acclaimed professional sculptor with an impressive portfolio of sculpture and public art commissions. His sculptures are in several international collections. His work can be seen at but increasingly Pete’s focus dedicated to early years!
Pete has considerable experience of early childhood practice an many countries, through his overseas research and also work delivering training all around the world, form Japan to Bhutan , New Zealand to the USA, Bahrain to Sweden and many countries in between.

Pete is the leading authority on Woodwork in Early Years Education and has several journal articles and books published. Pete is an Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Bristol currently researching Creativity and Critical thinking in Early Years Education. He has presented research papers at BECERA, IAEC and OMEP. Pete is a Churchill Fellow currently researching international perspectives on ‘making’ and woodwork in early education. Pete is a member of ICEnet International Creative Education Network, the International Art in Early Childhood Education Association, OMEP (World organisation for Early Childhood Education) and the Froebel Network.

Pete is dedicated to providing opportunities for all children to express their creativity and develop their creative and critical thinking skills, and firmly believes in narrowing the gap in attainment and improving outcomes for all children.

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