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Let's learn about STEM

In this learning library we dive into STEM in the early childhood curriculum. For many of us, when we think of STEM with young children we mainly think of bees, gardens, volcanoes in the sandpit and maybe we have a nature corner with some dead bugs and leaves in a dusty corner.

But there is so much more that we can do to create rich, engaging STEM learning in our early years environments.
We invite you to browse through our collection of learning resources that we have curated here to help you find your
groove and to get excited about igniting
STEM in your early childhood curriculum.

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Resources for Educators

Grow your basket of knowledge about STEM with these helpful resources
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Get the best science book for early childhood educators

  • The Living World

    By Rachel Rohloff
    In this fun and educational book, author Rachel Rohloff shares her passion and expertise aimed at getting young children excited about science.

    The Living World teaches scientific skills, key scientific vocabulary and explains the living world: with a focus on plants, animals and people. Divided into four chapters: What is the living world, plants, animals and people; each chapter includes a short introduction and is made up of two or three topics with two or three general learning outcomes and lots of hands on activities and project ideas for children. The book also offers extension ideas for those who want to learn more.

Watch to learn how to guide children's scientific inquiry in play

Still looking for more on STEM?

We recommend these social media groups , websites and blogs to keep your learning growing...

The power of science in early learning

What we love about this site is that you have loads of science topics to choose and click through to learn how to implement these in your ECE curriculum.
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Every day magic blog post

Written by Suzanne Axelsson who takes you through ideas for igniting "magic" in the early childhood curriculum. This includes beautiful imagery that will also bring you inspiration.

Science sparks

This website includes a collection of engaging science "themed" learning experiences you can try with your children aged  3- 5 years. We have added the pdf booklet of ideas to our resource collection for easy access.
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