Tricia Wellings

Founder of the MBK Group.
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Hi, I’m Tricia. A mother, business entrepreneur and founder of the MBK Group.
I set up my nurseries over 24 years ago to solve some of my own childcare requirements. As our nursery business flourished, and we expanded and the staff numbers increased, I noticed that good quality, relevant training services seemed to have disappeared. So I did it again! I took matters into my own hands and in 2014, we branched out into early years training and consultancy services under the name MBK.

Our aim is to help you achieve remarkable outcomes for the children you care for, your employees and your business. Using our expertise, experience and knowledge MBK will help take your business to the next level.

Founded in 2014 by Tricia Wellings, MBK Group has consistently led the way in providing outstanding training for early years education. The journey of MBK Group is marked by its adaptability and success in the ever-evolving early years sector.
MBK Group is a team of early years professionals, each bringing their unique skills, knowledge, and experience to the table. The team is aligned by a shared dedication to ensuring the highest standards in early years support to the sector .
Recognising a gap for high quality early years training, Tricia Wellings established the MBK training centre in 2014. This centre was designed to offer early years professionals comprehensive training, enhancing their understanding of child development and practical skills. Today, the MBK Group extends its reach with both virtual and face to face training and consultancy services across the UK and beyond.
MBK Group believes in giving every child the best possible start in life. This drives their mission to empower early years providers through expert training and support. The impact of MBK Group extends far beyond its training centre, as it plays a role in shaping the lives of numerous children by equipping practitioners with the knowledge and skills necessary for nurturing thriving learning environments.

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