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2-040 Course
Connecting the Dots: 
The educators guide to recognising and supporting schemas in early childhood education
learning time
This self-paced workshop is approximately 2 hours of learning time.
who is this for?
This course is for early years educators.
skill level
Suitable for beginner educators and anyone wanting to build their knowledge and practice in understanding and responding to schemas in children's play.
Every day in early years environments we see children engaging in repetitive, curious types of play.
Why do children do the same things over and over? And why is this so important for their learning and development?

Join Tricia Wellings from MBK Group (UK) in this workshop who will take you through a combination of theoretical insights and practical strategies to build your understanding of schema.

In this workshop Tricia will;
  • Unpack how these inherent learning patterns influence a child's exploration, problem-solving, and overall cognitive development.
  • Delve into the theoretical foundations of schemas and learn how to translate this knowledge into practical, everyday teaching strategies.
  • Hone your observational skills to identify different types of schemas exhibited by children, enabling tailored and responsive teaching approaches.
  • Explore the role of the learning environment in nurturing and enhancing schema-related learning, fostering a rich and stimulating educational setting.

By the end of this workshop, you will be equipped with a toolbox of strategies to not only recognise but also harness the power of schemas in early childhood education.
Facilitated by Tricia Wellings
ECE Coach, Consultant, Professional Learning. Based in UK.
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About the Course Creator

Tricia Wellings

Hi, I’m Tricia. A mother, business entrepreneur and founder of the MBK Group.
I set up my nurseries over 24 years ago to solve some of my own childcare requirements. As our nursery business flourished, and we expanded and the staff numbers increased, I noticed that good quality, relevant training services seemed to have disappeared. So I did it again! I took matters into my own hands and in 2014, we branched out into early years training and consultancy services under the name MBK.

Our aim is to help you achieve remarkable outcomes for the children you care for, your employees and your business. Using our expertise, experience and knowledge MBK will help take your business to the next level.

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